Mercedes CLA 250 4Matic review for the Canadian market

Mercedes CLA 250 4Matic review for the Canadian market

The Mercedes Benz CLA250 is a great example of opportunities for premium entry-level cars.

The return of the Mercedes to the compact class was held in 2013 in Stuttgart. Not only was Mercedes-Benz CLA one of the first and only of its kind, but it also took over customers from the A-class and even the older C-class: since 2014, the owners of such models are seriously considering buying CLA as the next new Mercedes.

And now meet in Winnipeg GLA 250 2018-2019 model year. Sporty exterior and frameless side windows show style and class. The front is recognizable-aggressive, with a tremendous "star" on the grille.

The front seats do not have a pronounced sportiness, but they are still very comfortable due to the tight profile and wide range of adjustments. The steering wheel is comfortable in the grip, although it is too big (that is, again, "not sporty" in diameter).

Perhaps for five adults, the car will seem cramped. But if you take the CLA not as a business-class sedan, but as a city coupe with a 2 + 2 seating formula, it turns out that it is very convenient: having placed children in the back row, thanks to a separate entrance, two adults sit quietly in front. Still, it is a direct descendant of the A-class, small urban hatchbacks. The internal dimensions allow an adult to sit comfortably without any problems.

The trunk has a fairly narrow opening, but a good volume for this class is 470 liters. RunFlat tires allow you to drive at a speed of 80 km/h to the nearest tire.

When sitting behind the wheel, you will be pleased with a 2-liter inline engine with 208 horses under the hood, which accelerates the car to 100 km/h in 6.3 seconds, which is a very good result for a car of this class. Even on the highway with 100 km/h, the car accelerates perceptibly, in addition, you can always activate the sports mode. Consumption varies from 7.2 l / 100 km on the highway to 10.0 in the city, but, of course, depends on the style of driving.

Do not forget that, no matter how aggressive the look of the car, the CLA is first and foremost a Mercedes, and it means that all the settings of the car are concentrated on your comfort.

The accelerator pedal is soft, the reaction is predictable, the seven-speed robotic box tends to climb up early to save an extra drop of fuel. By the way, the eco-mode is turned on by default after each engine start.

Overall impression: the brand "rejuvenated", and now it is quite interesting to both young and middle-aged, for those who prefer guaranteed comfort and predictability.

The price for this model starts at $ 40,300, all-wheel drive (4Matic) at $ 42,500. This is one of the most inexpensive models of Mercedes - for those who value quality and safety above all.