Canada’s new $10 banknote will appear on Monday

Canada’s new $10 banknote will appear on Monday

It was officially informed that a new $10 banknote will officially enter circulation on Monday.

It will be the first vertically-oriented banknote and its presentation will at the museum’s Canadian Journeys gallery.

On the banknote people will see Viola Desmond on the front side and Winnipeg’s Canadian Museum for Human Rights on the other side. Viola Desmond became famous when she decided not to leave the section only for white people while being in Nova Scotia theatre in the early ‘40s of the previous century.

This woman spent her whole life in the fight against racial discrimination and now she is the second woman in the country that has been approved for being on a banknote. The first one is Queen Elisabeth II.

Wanda Robson (the sister of Viola Desmond), Stephen Poloz (Bank of Canada governor) and several museum representatives will be speaking about the great contribution of this woman to the history of the country at the official ceremony on Monday.

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