Ford recalls 136,272 Focus vehicles in Canada

Ford recalls 136,272 Focus vehicles in Canada

Every automaker company got into the situation when a major problem with a vehicle is noticed after thousands of cars were already sold, sometimes millions, which makes it even harder and very expensive to recall such vehicles for an inspection and possibly replacement of faulty parts or modules. Ford Motor Company is not an exception, but this time it is a very expensive recall. Ford is recalling nearly 1.5 million Focus vehicles in North America, due to the problem of the fuel system, which can cause the engine to stop without warning.

The recall covers model years from 2012 to 2018 with two-liter four-cylinder engines. In the United States of America 1,282,596 of these cars are registered, 136,272 in Canada and 44,521 in Mexico.

A company press release states that the valve in the fuel system may be in the open position, creating too much vacuum, and the engine control computer may not detect the problem. This may cause the engine to stop while driving without any warnings on the gauge panel, so it will be a complete and unpleasant surprise for a drive and the passengers in the vehicle, also could be a danger for the other cars around the Ford vehicle and, possibly, cause an accident or a crash.

Ford Dealers will reprogram the computer with new software that detects a stuck valve. They will also inspect the valve and other components of the fuel system and, if necessary, replace them.

The company representatives said they are not aware of any accidents or injuries caused by this problem. The recall is expected to start on December 10th of this year.

We would recommend to contact your local Ford dealership and confirm with them if your vehicle is one of those being recalled, so you can get your car inspected and make sure it is safe to drive for your own and your passenger's safety.