The phone in drive-thru in Manitoba

The phone in drive-thru in Manitoba

Is it legal to use the phone in the drive-thru in Manitoba? This is a question that many people have, but very few know the answer.

According to the police, the answer is NO. Sgt. RCMP's Paul Manaygr says that driving laws in Manitoba prohibit the use of electronic devices while driving.

“The definition of driving also includes being in an auto café,” said Manaygr. “Your vehicle is technically able to be set in motion.”

This means that drivers should refrain from searching for a promo code, answering a text message or a call if the phone is not connected to Bluetooth. However, he said, using a mobile device to pay in the window is legal.

Starting November 1st  the new road fines for distracting actions while driving took effect in Manitoba. The penalty increased from $ 203 to $ 672, the fines now also include five points and a three-day license suspension. In case of repeated violation, the driver’s license will be revoked for 7 days.