Operation Christmas Child has collected 2,369 boxes

Operation Christmas Child has collected 2,369 boxes

St. Vital Centre has collected 2,369 boxes during 4 days of Operation Christmas Child. This operation was not only in Winnipeg. It is National Collection Week for OCC right across the country.

Day 1.

Immediately after opening, a woman came and brought 4 boxes. She appears one of the first who brings the box not the first year. Then another woman arrived and brought 42 boxes!

Day 2.

244 boxes were collected during the first day. Despite the fact that last year 37 more boxes were collected, this is an excellent result!

Day 3.

The third day began with a new record: 870 boxes! This is 180 boxes more than last year. The biggest record was registered in 2012 when 2,654 boxes were collected during 4 days. This year, there is a great chance to beat it. Two churches brought 130 boxes. Red River College brought 80 boxes. Just before the end of the day, a boy named Andrew came with 13 boxes. It became a family event for him and his parents.

Day 4.

At the beginning of the fourth day, 1,728 boxes were already collected. What a great start of the day! Thanks to a large donation at the end of the day, this year a new record was set!

Organizers and volunteers are very happy with such results and are looking forward to next year.

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