Winnipeg Police warn people about thin ice

Winnipeg Police warn people about thin ice

Winnipeg Police ask people to be especially careful and not to go onto the thin frozen ice.

Winter is rapidly coming to the country: the snow has already arrived in Manitoba and many lakes and rivers began to freeze. However, the ice has not yet become strong enough to go onto it and the City Police asks people to refrain from walking onto frozen waters.

As it was reported by the fire and police service of the city, last week there were two calls that people fell under the ice. Every year, about 200 people risk their health, and even their lives, when they go out onto thin ice and it cracks under their feet.

In many frozen areas a person can see the sign Danger - Thin Ice. However, if this sign is absent this does not mean that the ice is safe and that it will not crack. Winnipeg Police warns that any ice is dangerous and it is better not to risk and to bypass all frozen waters.

Only in such a case nothing threatens the health and life of a person. 

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