A coyote was seen near U of M

A coyote was seen near U of M

Winnipeg inhabitant decided to warn other Winnipeggers after he saw a coyote.

Bill Peters went shopping on Sunday afternoon with his wife. The man was driving his car when he saw a stray dog.

However, his wife said that the beast did not look like a dog, it was a coyote. At that moment, the woman took out a cell phone and started taking photos and videos of a coyote.

The animal almost reached Pembina Highway. The man said the situation was really strange. It was the first time he saw a coyote so close to his home. The man said he saw deer, raccoons, and various other wild creatures but not coyotes.

The coyote looks like a medium-sized dog, it may be gray or brown. As a rule, their puppies are born in spring and by the fall they begin to live independent lives. Currently, the number of coyotes in Manitoba is almost impossible to distinguish. They are most active at night when they go hunting to find food. Coyotes most often attack pets, such as small dogs and cats.

Manitoba authorities ask all inhabitants of the province to be careful and not to go for a walk to dark areas outside the city with their home pets. This year there were already 60 cases when the inhabitants of the province saw coyotes, this is 10 more than last year.

Coyote attacks have not been reported this year. However, all people should know how to behave if they suddenly find themselves alone with a coyote:

-       Let it escape, try not to come too close;

-       Stay calm and if it does not see you, go away very silently;

-       If it sees you, try to scream, wave your hands to make it run away;

-       Do not turn your back to it, otherwise, it can attack you. 

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Coyote Coyote attacks Pembina Highway