Experts from Manitoba give advice to teenagers about relationship

Experts from Manitoba give advice to teenagers about relationship

The topic of building relationships is one of the hottest issues for modern youth.

According to the Canadian Red Cross, young people aged 15-24 most often face dating violence in their relationship than other age categories. The organization Healthy Youth Relationship wants to show and to teach people of this age to understand what is right and acceptable, and what is wrong in a relationship with the opposite sex.

This week, the organization holds a two-day symposium for Manitoba teens (on Wednesday and Thursday, November 21-22). At this symposium, young people will be able to ask all their questions regarding communication with the partner and also to learn a lot of necessary and useful information for creating a strong family in the future.

A lot of students and pupils do not even realize that they have an unhealthy relationship because they did not have any other experience. They ask their friends and peers what to do but they also cannot give them the right answers. This problem is much more common now than many adults may think. Teenagers are not always comfortable in conversations with their parents or any other adults, so it is very useful to have friends who can give good advice.

Coming to this symposium young people will learn what emotional, physical and sexual abuse is and how to learn to set boundaries. They will also learn how to help their friends in difficult life situations. 

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