The kitten who was rescued after a fire in July now found his home

The kitten who was rescued after a fire in July now found his home

The kitten, who barely died in the fire in the summer, now recovered and became the best friend of a 7-year-old girl from Winnipeg. This is a real miracle.

A terrible fire occurred in July. When the city fire department arrived and entered the house, they were able to find a small 5-week-old kitten under a pile of clothes. He was so small that he could lie on the palm.

The kitten was covered in soot; soot was even in his mouth. The firefighters immediately realized that he had sniffed out smoke and passed the little animal to the paramedics who were already at the scene of the fire at that moment.

Erica Ongenae is the paramedic who helped save the kitten. The woman put an oxygen mask on him and tried to raise the kitten’s body temperature. She asked the firefighters to try to find other kittens in the house and the cat mother but the firemen found no one else.

When the condition of the kitten was stable, the woman called the city's animal services department. It was taken to a wet clinic to determine how serious his injuries were, and then he was taken the Humane Society.  This organization provided all the help they could to save the little Fuzzy.

After that accident, the paramedic woman realized that she wanted to give this kitten a nice house and she said that she would adopt him if his owners did not appear.

A few weeks later it became known that no one was looking for the kitten and he was homeless. When Erica Ongenae came for him, there was no limit to her surprise! The kitten was red! After the fire he was covered in soot and the woman thought he was gray or black. Then she remembered that her 7-year-old daughter had said several months ago that she wanted to have a red cat, and Erica understood that it was fate.

Now the kitten, who was named Magnus, has a home and loving friends. His coat is growing and he becomes like a beautiful domestic cat. Moreover, this year Santa will come for Mangus too, because the girl has already prepared a Christmas stocking for him.

The Humane Society said they will tell a lot of true stories about saving animals to make Winnipeggers help animals more, adopt them and donate money if they can. 

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