Guido Amsel will spend the rest of his life in prison

Guido Amsel will spend the rest of his life in prison

About 3.5 years ago, the police arrested Guido Amsel after he sent several packages of homemade bombs to his wife and two law firms that were involved in his divorce case.

On Wednesday, the judge announced the verdict. The man received two life sentences and an additional 12 years of imprisoning. It became known that the prosecutor insisted on life imprisonment, while the defense requested to reduce the imprisonment to 20-25 years.

Guido Amsel with his ex-wife moved to Manitoba from Germany in the early 90s. They opened a shop and together were engaged in a family business. In 2004, they were divorced but their proceedings dragged on for many years. Such matters as their share in the company, custody of the son and payment of alimony were resolved in court.  

In 2010, their proceedings were complicated by the fact that the man accused his ex-wife of taking $3 million from the company before the divorce. The woman claimed that he owed her $40,000 from the store profits.

They both hired good lawyers. However, shortly thereafter, Amsel sent a package with a homemade bomb to his wife’s lawyer, as a result of which the woman lost her hand. Maria Mitousise entered her office and saw a package on the table, she opened it and there was a tape recorder. When the woman turned on the record, the bomb exploded. Her colleagues called 911 and the lawyer was taken to the hospital, where she was operated on for 10.5 hours. When Mitousise recovered, she saw that her right hand was missing there were many burns all over her body.

Guido Amsel sent 3 more bombs but the police were able to neutralize them and no one else was hurt. One of the bombs was found at his wife’s work, the second in a law firm where his former lawyer worked. The third explosive device was sent to his ex-wife’s house.

In the court, the man pleaded not guilty and said that his wife, police and his lawyer had conspired against him. His wife denied everything.

In 2018 a man was convicted in 4 of 5 counts of attempted murder. The judge said that Amsel had a motive to harm those people who were involved in solving his case but could not bring him the desired result. Therefore, the man sent out explosive devices to all of them.

Amsel was wearing a blue thin-striped suit, a white shirt and a red tie and when he found out his verdict he began to scream that it is all a conspiracy and he can not believe it.

Almost a year after the accident Maria Mitousise said that although her recovery was good, she was still looking for ways to return to normal life. She is very happy to return to work, the work is really helpful in her rehabilitation. 

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