A woman from Winnipeg completes her canoe trip

 A woman from Winnipeg completes her canoe trip

It took Jillian Brown about seven months to complete her canoe trip.

Jillian can not say that it was easy. The woman faced a lot of obstacles and problems on her way. The first great obstacle was the moment when her paddling partner left her. The woman did not know what to do next, to continue or to return home. She had a lot of thoughts about quitting her trip.

However, thanks to the support of her friends, family and even strangers, she decided to bring everything to the end. The woman said that during her trip she received hundreds of letters and messages from people who believed in her and asked her not to stop. They inspired her so much that they gave her strength to new achievements day by day.

The second serious test was an accident when she broke her leg but it also did not stop her.

Jillian Brown has come a long way from Oregon to Louisiana. Her journey began on April 28, 2018, and it was completed just now.

Jillian is very pleased that she saw people completely from the other side. The woman was surprised how kind, generous and caring people can be.

She is now back in Winnipeg and plans to stay here. Jillian wants to spend the festive season together with her family.

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