In Winnipeg female runners got safety whistles

Last Sunday, November 25th in Winnipeg the initiative group handed out to women, who loves jogging, 300 whistles that were purchased with public donations.

The event was organized by 37-year-old Carly Peters, who from her 8 years of experience knows what it means to feel uncomfortable while jogging.

“The people who look at you when you run or those, who whistle behind you, often the cars are following me when I run,” Peters said.

The whole event got the idea and the push for the purchase and distribution of whistles after an attempt to attack a 40-year-old woman last month on the Harte Trail in Charleswood. An 18-year-old began to unbutton his pants and running towards the jogger.

Winnipeg Police have already arrested and charged the attacker.

As per police, the attacks on the Harte Trail are very rare, but it is always important to remember about your own safety. The police recommend running in pairs, carrying a phone with you, changing routes, staying away from sparsely populated areas and making daytime runs, if possible.