Flin Flon’s mine will be closed in 2021

Flin Flon’s mine will be closed in 2021

More than 800 people are not sure whether they will have jobs after Flin Flon’s mine will be closed in 2021.

Director of Hudbay Minerals informed that the mine is not relevant at the moment, so it is going to be closed. Initially, the mine was supposed to stop its operating in 2019, but it was decided to postpone the closure to 2021.

The number of employees who lose their jobs is still unknown. However, it is reported that more than 800 people are involved in the work of the mine.

At the same time, the director added that there will be many new jobs in the Snow Lake area. The man also said that the closure of the mine will fully comply with environmental standards and workers will use the recycling infrastructure.

Last year, Hudbay Minerals allocated $19 million to explore new areas of mining. Next year, it intends to continue this search in northern Manitoba. 

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