Fines increased for drunk drivers in Manitoba

Drinking and driving bring only problems and you will be lucky if you will only get a ticket and will get off just by paying fines. In many cases, the situation can lead to a more tragic outcome, like the crash and destroyed not only the drunk driver's vehicle but also other cars and property damaged. Unfortunately, drunk driving also can result in innocent people getting hurt or worse, killed.

Under a law tabled Thursday, November 29th at the Manitoba Legislature, a driver who has a blood alcohol level of between .05 and .08 will pay $200 for a first offense, rising to $400 for a third offense.

Tests are done at the roadside by an approved screening device that determines whether the driver gets a “pass, warn or fail.”

The driver would also have their vehicle impounded for three days for a first offense and up to a month for a third offense. The new administrative sanctions wouldn’t result in criminal charges.

According to the Manitoba Government, 73 people were killed and 442 were seriously injured in traffic collisions in Manitoba in 2017.

Drunk driving accounted for 32 percent of those killed and six percent of those injured. Already this year, 28 people have lost their lives because of a drunk driver.

Almost two years ago a great time with friends turned into a deadly tragedy. A group of teens had some alcohol iced teas and some weed, then decided to leave a party and one of them got behind the wheel despite his friends tried asked him not to, he also took a passenger with him. While driving teenager tried to pass the vehicle in front of him and lost control, the car rolled over, the driver was dragged out by one of his friends from the car behind them, but the passenger didn’t make it.

A 17-year-old teen just wanted to have a good time, but one bad decision at a party resulted in him killing a friend. Judge Robert Heinrichs sentenced a 19-year-old man to 80 days in custody at a youth facility followed by 40 days of community supervision Thursday after he pled guilty to impaired driving causing death. Also, a judge prohibited media from publishing his name or a name of a friend that was killed in the accident.

As per judge and the information released during the hearing, the teenager, who made a poor decision then, is a different person now. He quit drinking alcohol and smoking weed, he has a steady job and attends church, also volunteers regularly at Siloam Mission, so the court gave him an opportunity to continue with his life after he serves his 80 days in custody.