New Honda crossover for North American market

New Honda crossover for North American market

Many new models of SUV`s and crossovers were presented in 2018 or coming to the market in 2019. For Canada, such size vehicles are the best solution for family trip and day to day driving. Honda also presented a new model for the North American market, coming to dealers near you next year.

The Honda Pilot has a “younger brother”: the new crossover is designed to fill the gap in the model range between the larger “Pilot” and the more compact CR-V. Honda Passport is built on the Pilot platform and, with a length of 4,839 mm, has not only a very similar appearance but also a similar wheelbase - 2,820 mm. In addition, the Passport has a similar configuration of the interior, with the exception of the third row of seats. The trunk of a new model it can fit up to 2,205 liters of luggage (if you fold the second row of seats) and under the floor of the cargo compartment is hidden another one - 70-liter storage compartment.

Compared with the “Pilot”, the Honda Passport also received a slightly increased ground clearance, which also increased due to the use of 20-inch wheels as standard. So far, only one power unit has been announced for the new model - a 280-strong atmospheric V6 of 3.5 liters paired with a nine-speed automatic and the optional all-wheel-drive system that can distribute torque to the rear wheels independently.

The list of onboard equipment for Passport will include a multimedia system with a monitor of 5 to 8 inches size, a 7-inch display on the instrument panel, a three-zone climate control, and leather seats with heated seats, panoramic windows, a rear-view camera and the many more options to choose from.

The new Honda Passport sales for the North American market starting early next year, so book your test drive at the local Honda dealership to check out the new model for yourself!