Exercising can help patients recover, Manitoba doctors say

Exercising can help patients recover, Manitoba doctors say

Melanie Foubert learned about her terrible diagnosis 1.5 years ago: she had a tumor on the liver.

This woman led an active lifestyle. She was eating healthy and was doing her exercises 5 times a week. However, after the diagnosis and surgery, her life has changed a lot and she was forced to take a break from training.

After the operation, Melanie was keeping a special diet, which contributed to weight gain. The woman was waiting for the moment when she could return to training, but her return to the sport had to be safe for her health.

During one of her visits to the doctor, she saw a poster with the inscription Exercise is Medicine and asked how she could join the program.

During this eight-week program, doctors tell patients not only about physical exercises, but also introduce them as part of the treatment of certain diseases, or for their prevention.

The head of the Exercise is Medicine program at the centre, Amandev Dhesi, says that very often exercise can be much more useful and more effective than pills and other medications.

At the moment, doctors are increasingly sending their patients to participate in this program, where professional trainers develop a set of exercises individually for each person.

When Melanie Foubert came to Exercise is Medicine program, the trainer immediately said that she should not do exercises for abdominal muscles due to liver surgery. Accordingly, he developed a set of special exercises for her, using TRX, to make Melanie gradually return to her previous form.

The trainer recommends practicing 3 times a week. In addition to improving physical body condition, this program improves mood and helps to cope with some psychological problems and stress. Dr. Michael Routledge, a public health physician and a member of the Reh-Fit Centre's medical advisory committee explains that the program has helped many people improve their health and change their lifestyle.

The Wellness Institute in Seven Oaks Hospital offers its patients a cozy gym with professional medical trainers. Many people who have not exercised for a long time or even never, may experience discomfort in the gym, seeing many people with beautiful bodies there.  This fact is the key why people refuse to workout. However, the gym in the hospital removes this discomfort because all the people there are patients and all have one goal - to become healthy.

The Exercise is Medicine program is $100. However, people with financial difficulties can get help from the government.  

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