Winnipeg Humane Society warns about coyotes

Coyotes have been spotted 79 times during this year. Fortunately, there was no attack on people.

The Winnipeg Humane Society wants to remind people of the precautions in this situation.

Statistics show that in 2017, coyotes were seen 49 times and in 2016 - 50 times. However, an increase in cases of seeing coyotes does not mean that the number of animals has increased in this region. People could see the same animal several times in a row.

An increase in reports of coyotes this year has led to an organization’s desire to increase people's awareness of how to act so as not to encounter a wild beast, and how to act if meeting it.

A meeting with a coyote is usually not dangerous for humans, such cases are very rare. However, all inhabitants of the city should be sure that they know how to behave.

Most cases of seeing a coyote occur when the owner walks with a small dog without a leash — in such a case, the coyote heightens its interest in the domestic animal and sees its possible future prey in it.

So, the residents of Winnipeg are advised to observe the following safety rules:

1. Walk with dogs in specially designated parks and zones. If you go with your dog far away and walk in especially dark areas, be sure to put a leash on the pet and keep it next to you.

2. If a coyote is following you, the best way is to scream loudly or to create a loud noise. In this case, it is likely to get scared and to run away.

3. If you live in the countryside, do not collect garbage near your home. Rubbish is the first thing that can attract a coyote.

4. If you see a coyote, never run away from it, do not turn your back to it, and do not try to follow it.

5. If you have a dog of a small or medium size, you should not leave it on the ground when meeting with a coyote.

Many city dwellers say they see coyotes for the first time, although they often walk with their dogs. Deanna Johnson noted that she has been living in Winnipeg for 18 years and it was the first time when she saw a coyote at the time when she was walking with her dog last month. She screamed loudly at the beast and it ran away. After that, the woman went around all her neighbors and warned them about the possible danger.

Another Winnipeg resident also reported that she saw a coyote running down her street. It was probably frightened by passing cars, and it ran back and forth along the street.

A biologist at the University of Winnipeg, Susan Lingle, asked the city residents to remain calm. After all, attacks on humans are really extremely rare. In addition, a person should also respect the personal space of the beast and not to come too close to it.

As a rule, animals come so close to the city in search of food, garbage and small animals are especially attractive to them. If the coyote starts to follow the person, most likely it happens when the person walks with his dog and the coyote is watching the dog.

The most correct decision is to learn how to live in peace with these animals.

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Winnipeg Humane Society coyotes safety rules
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