Woman hit her son by car after an argument

Woman hit her son by car after an argument

In Windsor, Ontario police detained a woman who deliberately hit her own child with a vehicle.

The incident occurred on Saturday, December 1st, but it became known only now. It was established that the 33-year-old woman sat behind the wheel of her SUV and deliberately drove into her 16-year-old son. As a result, the teenager was trapped between the car and the wall of a residential building, he was seriously injured and is now in hospital in critical condition.

The woman and her son had an argument and then it evolved in such a violent incident. According to eyewitnesses, Maria Chouinard had a fight with a teenager 20 minutes before the tragedy in one of the fast-food restaurants in the city, as her son allegedly stole something from her. Police officers were called in, but since they did not receive any complaints from either the woman or the teen boy, they did not take any action.

Maria Chouinard is currently in custody, charged with attempted murder, her son remains in the hospital, the investigation continues.