A new research will study how purple food affects a person’s weight and health

A new research will study how purple food affects a person’s weight and health

The University of Manitoba is going to conduct a study to prove whether the color of food is important for the human health.

So, Manitoba University researchers want to find out how purple food affects a person’s weight and health. They invited people over 65 to take part in the experiment. People will be given purple shortbread cookies. The director of research says that there is an assumption that violet food is incredibly beneficial for a person.

The queen garnet plum is the basis of the research. This fruit has quickly become popular and is even considered a superfood: it has great antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

These properties of the fruit are especially useful in the treatment of diabetes and all heart related diseases. Researchers from around the world have also found that the queen garnet plum can help lower blood pressure, especially in people over 50. In addition, it can help normalize weight.

It is already known that a number of other purple-colored vegetables and fruits also have good antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

In the recent study, the queen garnet plum juice was added to the water that fat rats were drinking. After two months, the weight of the rats decreased significantly, despite the fact that their diet did not change. Now the task of scientists is to determine whether this fruit has the same effect on people.

However, instead of drinking water with the queen garnet juice, people taking part in the test will eat cookies with this fruit. Also, biscuits will contain Australian coconut, which is extremely useful for digestion. The study is called The power of purple.

The power of purple will last 5 months: people will eat cookies with special additives for one month, a month break, and another two months they will eat the same cookies, but without the addition of the superfood. People will not know when they eat a special cookie, and when they eat a cookie without the queen garnet plum – both cookies will look the same.  

We want to remind that the queen garnet plum was discovered in 2008. In 2010 a private company from Queensland bought an exclusive license for the sale and production of the fruit.

The University of Manitoba plans to prove the benefits of the queen garnet plum on human health and thus to make a significant breakthrough in 21st century medicine.

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