Former addicts from Winnipeg created a support line

Former addicts from Winnipeg created a support line

Two former drug addicts have established a support line for addicted people in the city.

At the beginning of the week, the founders of the support line Jib Stop came to the mayor of Winnipeg to discuss their idea and to get any support from Bowman.

The founder of the support line, Dane Bourget, has two children and has had problems with meth for 10 years. This year Bourget is celebrating 4 years without using drugs. So, he understands like no one else how important it is to help people who are struggling with their addiction. Robert Lidstone, another former drug addict, helped Bourget bring his idea to life.

Volunteers who overcame their addictions will work in line. They know what to say and how to support and direct people who have lost their way in life, and do not know where to turn.

Bourget and Lidstone received great support from many people who wanted to take part in their project. Several nurses, social workers, paramedics and people of other helpful professions agreed to join the support line. All these people are ready to help and change the lives of other people for the better.

At the beginning of the week, the men met with the mayor to ask him for assistance. So, they wanted to know if Bowman can connect them with various city services, such as firefighters, police, and other services that interact with drug addicts on the daily basis.

Bourget and Lidstone’s idea is to make the staff of these services help spread information about the support line among people who may need it. Usually, people who are at the bottom are not interested in what is happening in the city and do not receive information from the media. Therefore, such spreading can be very useful.

Bowman supported Jib Stop and promised maximum assistance from his side. He was very glad to see that Winnipeggers are not indifferent to the problem of meth crisis in the city. 

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