Authorities support working class in Manitoba

Authorities support working class in Manitoba

The Minister of Employment of Canada and Minister of Education and Training of Manitoba announced that both governments have signed agreements according to which Canada will provide Manitoba more than $ 500 million over six years to invest in Manitoba workers.

These new agreements represent an increase in funding of more than $ 80 million over previous levels of funding. This increase means that approximately 29,000 people from Manitoba may be eligible for services for six years, says Employment and Social Development Canada.

Many of the people who live and work in Manitoba will be able to get the necessary training to find a job as well as to keep their job with the constantly changing and evolving technology and jobs market. 

Just at the beginning of this week, the largest US automaker General Motors Co. (GM) plans to close the plant in the Canadian city of Oshawa, near Toronto.

On Monday morning, in Oshawa, workers were informed that after 12 months, the plant would no longer produce, despite the commitments made during the 2006 labor negotiations between General Motors Canada and Unifor, the union representing hourly factory workers.

According to The Wall Street Journal, by the end of 2019 about 2.8 thousand employees will lose their jobs. Of these, about 2,500 union members and about 300 other employees. It is unclear whether these actions will affect the Technical Center in Oshawa.

The plant in Oshawa has existed for 65 years. He is currently responsible for the final assembly and painting of the Silverado and Sierra models, which are shipped here from Fort Wayne, Indiana, along with co-production of the Chevrolet Impala with Hamtramck and the production of all Cadillac XTS models in North America.

The closure of Oshawa is part of a global restructuring aimed at moving towards auto-driven cars with lower emissions and fully electric models. Also, GM announced 6 models that will be completely discontinued within 12 months. GM plans to kill off a couple of great and a few not so great cars as part of its restructuring.