Salisbury House opens a new restaurant in Winnipeg without disposable plastic

Salisbury House in Manitoba opens its ninth restaurant on Monday, fundamentally changing its business plan.

The Winnipeg restaurant chain announced their new location opening of the 3,500-square-foot restaurant at 177 Lombard Avenue, will not use a single piece of disposable plastic. “Following the elimination of plastic straws, Salisbury House will use this location as their first restaurant to ban single-use plastic items,” the restaurant wrote in a press release.

With seating for just over 100, it will be medium-sized Salisbury House. While the restaurant business is a notoriously risky enterprise, Bernier said Sals’ chain of eight restaurants and four Sals Xpress locations have been jam-packed.

The restaurant says about 40 percent of all plastic produced is usually thrown out within minutes or days. And starting next year, 2019 all Salisbury House restaurants will replace plastic products with their counterparts from biodegradable materials.

“For our company, respect for Mother Earth, water resources preservation and care for future generations are core values,” said Noel Bernier, CEO of Salisbury House.