Everything Winnipeggers need to know about gift cards before holidays

Everything Winnipeggers need to know about gift cards before holidays, Iryna Chyrkova

It became very popular to give a gift card for Christmas or other holidays during the festive period as a present.

However, there are some nuances that you should know if you are going to give such a gift, or if somebody gave it to you.

1. Manitoba does not charge extra fees for the gift card price. Only if you want to personalize the card, or in case of loss of the gift card there can be some exceptions.

2. Some gift cards may have a validity period. Especially if they are related to services. For example, massage or manicure. Gift cards can also have a short validity period if they were issued by a company for free, or as a prize.

Any gift card has all the conditions of its use on one of the sides. Therefore, you need to carefully read everything. If the company has not specified the validity of the card or other nuances associated with its use, it may receive a large fine.

You should also remember that you will not be able to exchange the service that is specified on the gift card to money. In addition, many organizations do not exchange lost gift cards to new ones.

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Christmas gift card present
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