Last weekend Pembina highway will be closed

Last weekend Pembina highway will be closed

In January this year by the city`s authorities was announce a big number of road construction projects in Winnipeg. Most of such works were already finished, but still, there is a big number of the projects are still in progress or coming in different areas of the city.

Manager of engineering at the Public Works Department Brad Neirinck noted that the timing of the projects depends on many factors like weather conditions and big events in the city, which involve some roads blocking form traffic and only pedestrians allowed on a temporary basis. For a complete list of projects roads involved in reconstruction, please visit the link:

Pembina Highway will be completely closed to traffic between Jubilee Avenue and Stafford Street for back-to-back weekends in December, beginning Friday.

The closure is to complete some necessary work on the second stage of the Southwest Rapid Transitway, specifically demolishing an out-of-service CN rail bridge. Round-the-clock construction will take place between 8 p.m. Friday and 4 a.m. Monday.

The closures have backed up traffic on alternate routes and raised questions about the city’s handling of the traffic flow.

Pedestrian and cyclist access will be maintained by a shuttle service, with two pick-up and drop-off points: north of the underpass on the east side of Pembina Highway opposite Harrow Street, and south of the underpass on the east side at the Jubilee Avenue yield onto Pembina Highway.

Most of the projects are being finished on time, as it was planned at the beginning of the year. A large group of a male workforce engaged in Winnipeg road construction is Ukrainian emigrants, who came to Canada with provincial immigration programs. It is great pleasure to see the diversity and combination of multination skilled workers to help reconstruct the city and finish very important road construction projects.

Let’s be patient and hope road construction workers will finish all the projects soon and that will make our city a better place to drive and live in!