164 women and 77 children at 7 women's shelters will get holiday gifts

164 women and 77 children at 7 women's shelters will get holiday gifts

More than 200 women at seven Winnipeg shelters will be able to feel special - they will receive holiday gifts.

Soft toys, clothes, cosmetics and personal hygiene items have already been prepared for gifts boxes.

"It's about making a gift bag for these women ... to make them feel special, to make them feel loved, to have something for their children, and just that they don't have to worry," said Larissa Webster, who owns Winnipeg's Frenchway Cafe and Bakery.

This event was greatly supported by Winnipeg clinic Tuxedo Physiotherapy. The organization prepared many sweet treats, as well as essential items such as soap, deodorant, nail polish, cosmetics - everything that can make a woman feel beautiful and special, even if life has put her in a difficult situation.

This campaign has been successfully conducted for several years. Webster also added that it is very important to think about other people, not only about oneself:

"I'm very fortunate in my life, and a lot of times we take for granted what we have," Webster said. "And to think of people who've had to leave their home with nothing, sometimes in the dark of night, without any support, and they have to go to these shelters and they're all alone — when I first heard about it through the Donna Sarna group … it just struck a chord with me that this is something special."

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