Little snow does not prevent the sculptors from making amazing snow and ice masterpieces

Little snow does not prevent the sculptors from making amazing snow and ice masterpieces

Despite the small amount of snow, several residents of the city are trying to cheer up themselves and people around them.

At the moment, Winnipeg sculptors do not have much snow to show their creativity, but they don’t get upset and create a festive mood before the holidays.

Richard Davey created a unique tower-shaped ice sculpture with lights that can be visible even at night.

"It's just nice to enjoy with the people in the local area and everyone likes it. It's a lot of fun to do, and a lot of fun to chat with the people," said Davey.

Another city inhabitant Leigh Keast almost completed his masterpiece. A man for six years in a row pleases his neighbours with ice sculptures. He said that he likes to see people's enthusiastic eyes when they look at his works.

'You just get so much joy when people come by and see it,' Leigh Keast says of his giant Santa snow sculpture.

Santa's sculpture is quite large, but despite this, Leigh pays attention to even the smallest details: Santa Claus can not be without gifts and the noses of the elves should light at night. Residents of the North End are very fond of the sculptures that Leigh creates. Some of them come and say good words, some just take photos, and some honking passing by in their cars.

However, both men faced some problems this year: a record low amount of snow before Christmas. Keast explained that he even had to go to the park, where he could find at least some snow.

Davey and Keast are hoping for snowfall in the near future in order to complete their works and to create even more festive mood during this holiday period.

The men say that they are an example for other residents of the city and are waiting for the appearance of various sculptures throughout Winnipeg. It does not frighten them, on the contrary, Davey and Keast will gladly express their constructive opinion to the beginning sculptors. 

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