Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries face a lot of discontent from the inhabitants of the province

Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries face a lot of discontent from the inhabitants of the province

People who are cured of alcohol addiction are asking the provincial authorities to pay attention to the problem that arose in Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries.

The fact is that in this store you can buy cheap sherry and the store sellers do not care whom they sell alcohol to.

Ryan Martens started drinking alcohol when he was only 13 years old because of his difficult childhood. The man said that this year he will celebrate the first year of sobriety and in his opinion, the sellers of Liquor Mart should not sell alcohol to all customers. In the past, he could come and buy 10-12 bottles of cheap sherry and drink it in one day in the festive season.

"They are preying on vulnerable and weak people. They know these people have addictions," Martens said.

Liquor and Lotteries director of corporate responsibility Bev Mehmel explained that the sellers could not determine if a buyer is a chronic alcoholic and is going to drink all purchased alcohol immediately after purchase, or he bought it for a large company of his friends and relatives.

"It made me very upset because it just shows me that they're sitting and making lots of money and the rest of us who are alcoholics or recovering alcoholics have to suffer because of it. It seems to me they're more concerned about the money than they are about helping people," Martens said.

The man believes that sellers should refuse to sell alcohol to a client who is very drunk at the time of buying alcohol. He himself repeatedly came to the store very drunk and bought several bottles of cheap sherry. The staff of the store knew perfectly well that he was a chronic alcoholic, but the sellers had never refused to sell him another bottle.

However, representatives of the store report that sellers have the right not to sell alcoholic drinks in case of need. Although in practice Martens has never seen this. He also believes that the chain of stores should assume greater social responsibility.

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