Winnipeg doctor lost his license due to his incompetence

Winnipeg doctor lost his license due to his incompetence

Winnipeg doctor who performed the surgeries with old instruments lost his license.

As it became known, Dr. Ejaz Ahmad conducted 18 circumcisions between the summer of 2016 and the summer of 2017. The doctor’s private clinic is located on Portage Avenue. He used almost no anesthesia and sterility was also at the lowest level. Ahmad used old medical tools. Besides this, his methods were rather outdated which led to complications in many patients. 

6 patients had to go to the emergency room after the operation done by the doctor. One of them had such severe inflammation that doctors needed to resort to amputation.

Dr. Ejaz Ahmad also asked the parents of the children not to disclose his name, even after they had to go to the hospital with complications. As a rule, he did circumcisions to emigrant children.

“All of the patients involved were young and vulnerable. Many of the family members of the patients were also vulnerable,” the recent report says. “Furthermore, Dr. Ahmad’s actions caused many of the patients and their families serious upset and anxiety.”

“That is a terrible thing to do to a patient, to not properly anaesthetise them for any procedure,” Dr. Anna Ziomek with The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Manitoba said.

Dr. Ejaz Ahmad pleaded guilty. He will be deprived of a license for a period of 5 months and he is obliged to pay a fine of $24,000.

He also admitted that he had the qualifications of a family doctor and had not practiced surgery for 19 years until 2016. Accordingly, he did not have the necessary knowledge and skills to take a scalpel in his hands. Also, as long as he does not undergo all special training courses, he is forbidden to do surgeries.

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