Driving under influence in Canada

Driving under influence in Canada

Starting today, December 21st the rules regarding impaired driving are becoming very strict in Canada. Alcohol, marijuana, mushrooms, ecstasy, or you just decided to drink too many painkillers - all of this includes the word impaired.

Until today, the police officer had the right to test you for alcohol or drug intoxication only if he had a reason to suspect impaired driving. Now the police are allowed to check everyone without demand and for no reason. And you have no right to refuse, as refusal will entail consequences.

If you are in Canada on a temporary visa or possess a permanent residence card and you were caught driving “under influence”, then you would have got off with an administrative fine, starting today it will result in deportation.

For Canada citizens, when you were caught for the first time, the penalty will result in a fine from $1000 to $2500, depending on the dose. Refusal to take a test will cost you a fine of $2000. If you are caught the second time - 30 days in prison. The third and beyond is the punishment of at least 120 days in prison. If it was your fault that a person died in an accident because you were “under influence”, then a life sentence is given.

Many people attribute this change in rules and penalties to the legalization of cannabis in the country. Unfortunately, a lot of people drive under the influence of marijuana, now the police can check everyone.

It is completely up to every adult now to decide if they would like to buy and use marijuana, even share with adult friends. Let’s all be smart and responsible and make the best out of the cannabis legalization.