10 events that were of particular importance to the residents of Manitoba in 2018

10 events that were of particular importance to the residents of Manitoba in 2018

Summing up the year, we would like to recall 10 events that were of the greatest importance for the inhabitants of the province in 2018.

So, here is the list:

1. Acquittal in Tina Fontaine's murder

In February 2018, a man was acquitted of the murder of a 15-year-old teenager. The next day, more than 1,000 people went out to protest. This girl’s death attracted considerable attention and led to the investigation of the disappearance of many girls and indigenous women.

2. The scourge of crystal meth

In 2018, meth crisis occurred in Manitoba. Meth began to appear everywhere and take the lives of many young people in the provinces. In addition, the number of robberies, and all sorts of incidents due to the high use of meth has increased. In 2019, the provincial government promises to use new methods to combat this drug.

3. 'Inseparable' boys killed on way home

In April, three boys aged 11-13 did not return home. They were very good friends, and all of them died after a car crash.

5. Fire guts downtown Brandon

More than 150 people lost their homes as a result of a fire in May in Brandon. The police suggested that the fire was caused by a person, but whether it was accidental or not they did not find out.

7. Powerful tornado kills senior

In August, a tornado took the life of a 77-year-old school teacher. It completely destroyed the old man’s house, and his body was found in the courtyard. The tornado caused great damage to many residents of the province.

8. Officer shot in ambush

A search of a house in the western part of Manitoba led to the arrest of a person suspected in shooting at the police officer. Provincial residents were worried a lot because it was the first time in the past few years when a policeman was shot at work. He suffered a fractured skull and is recovering outside of hospital.

9. Buzz in the air as pot legalized

This event was one of the most anticipated in the fall. Despite changes in law, there are a number of restrictions in use of cannabis in the province.

10. Iconic corner debated

The opening of Portage and Main intersection for pedestrians was one of the issues that were discussed on the day when the Winnipeg mayor was elected in the autumn of 2018. With the help of voting, the inhabitants of the city decided that it should remain closed.

11. Rail service restored

In the autumn of 2018, the residents of Churchill sighed with relief when they found out that the train was returning to their lands after a 1.5 year break. The train will be able to return life to this city in northern Manitoba.

12. Search for Thelma Krull ends

The body of the missing woman was found after three years of searching. Manitoba hunters found the remains of the victim in the southeast of Winnipeg.

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