Winnipeg’s West End welcomed immigrants at Christmas Eve party

Winnipeg’s West End welcomed immigrants at Christmas Eve party

Many immigrants and students from other countries gathered on Christmas Eve in West End.

All of these people do not have close relatives to spend holidays in the family circle, so a special party was organized for them in West End.

At the annual party, there were about 700 people and it was organized by the West End BIZ, X-Cues Cafe, Sons of Italy, and Sorrento’s on Ellice.

“We want to make Christmas happen for everyone attending and that they feel part of a family celebration,” said Gloria Cardwell-Hoeppner, executive director of the West End BIZ.

“We try to create some special memories, especially for the children. For many, it’s the only holiday celebration, meal and gift they will receive.”

Wayne Gladue was one of the guests. The men told his story and explained that he feels very sad during the holiday period because he has almost nobody to celebrate with. His daughter died of a drug overdose last September and the man did not want to celebrate Christmas. This year, he and his wife came to the party to share festive foods with other people, to raise their spirits and to plunge into the Christmas atmosphere.

Such events unite people and can really help many of them not to feel so lonely during the holidays. Moreover, they will also be useful for low-income people who cannot afford to cook a lot of delicious food for Christmas.

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