Winnipeg resident was running to raise money for homeless people

Winnipeg resident was running to raise money for homeless people

Winnipeg man runs on Boxing Day to raise money for the homeless.

This is the fourth year when Junel Malapad turns Boxing Day into Running Day to rise money. The man intended to help those residents of the city who especially need it because winter is getting harsher and the temperature on the street is getting lower.

"Siloam Mission helps out people homeless people in need and vulnerable," he said. "I felt that it would be a good thing to help them out with their initiative and helping the community."

Malapad’s running track is 241 km and naturally he planned to take breaks for sleep and lunch. His track started at the covered rink, then goes down the sidewalk around the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, over the Esplanade Riel, down Tache Avenue and across the Norwood Bridge back to The Forks.

Together with other volunteers, Junel created a place where all city residents can make a donation. It can be not only money: Winnipeggers can bring clothes, soap, and various items of hygiene that people in the streets need.

Luke Thiessen, communications manager at Siloam Mission, said that Junel Malapad is a great person and his contribution is very important.

"The people we serve aren't enduring the physical exhaustion, but they're enduring really challenging circumstances on the streets with the cold." – Malapad explained that he was not afraid of cold weather.

Despite the fact that most people enjoy holidays with their families and usually pay little attention to people in need during the festive period, more and more city residents went to the streets to provide their support and assistance to the vulnerable population of the city this year.

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