Boxing Day in Winnipeg: meth, weapons, stolen car

Boxing Day in Winnipeg: meth, weapons, stolen car

Methamphetamine is a real problem in Canada, the majority of people involved are youth and older teenagers. There is a study conducted by Winnipeg Police department about how people on meth are no longer productive, so they have to find other ways to get money to fuel their addiction and get more drugs. People on meth turn to pity theft and other, more serious crimes. Bike theft, residential break-ins, garage theft is now a rising problem in the city.

Two people ended up in the Winnipeg Correctional Center after being arrested on Wednesday, December 26th with a stolen car full of weapons and methamphetamine.

Police said the car, which was stolen from Ashburn Street on Christmas, was found near Selkirk Avenue and Salter Street around 11 pm on Christmas Day. Both the driver and the passenger fled on foot but after a short chase they were arrested and taken into custody.

The passenger had 4.6 grams of methamphetamine in his pockets. A search of the car revealed another 1.9 grams of methamphetamine, as well as an improvised firearm, rifle, and ammunition.

24-year-old Jessica Rose Munro from Winnipeg has been charged with seven firearm-related charges and possession of property obtained by criminal means also failed to comply with the decision on probation and failure to comply with the recognizance not to leave.

31-year-old Lee Edward Douglas Pasch from Long Plain faces similar allegations, including owning a firearm despite the ban.