Five most interesting fraud cases that happened in Manitoba in 2018

Five most interesting fraud cases that happened in Manitoba in 2018

The Manitoba Police Insurance investigated more than 1,600 cases in 2018.

Summing up the year, we bring to your attention five of the most striking cases related to fraud.

1. Comic con job

A 25-year-old resident of Manitoba, a fan of Comic Con, walked around the Winnipeg's Convention Centre for more than five hours. In addition, she went shopping and made a two-hour trip from her home to Winnipeg. No one would have paid attention to the woman if she had not received payments as a victim of the car accident. According to the woman, health did not allow her to walk for more than 15 minutes. When her deception became known, she was obliged to return $34,000 to the province.

2. The polite arsonist

The woman gave her son a car and the young man reported that the car was stolen during a party, which he attended that evening. However, after a while, it turned out that everything was quite different. There was a witness who saw a young man set fire to the car himself that evening. Another witness said that the car had been in an accident before it burned down. Both witnesses identified the woman’s son as the driver of the car. In connection with the false testimony, insurance for the car was not paid.

3. Breakfast blunder

This is another strange story related to car theft. The woman said that she had given her car to the son, who made up a story about the theft of the car at the time when he was having breakfast with his brother. As it turned out, the restaurant where they were eating did not serve breakfast, and the brothers have not seen each other for many years.

4. Not-so-jolly Christmas party

During the Christmas party the guy reported that his car was stolen. The young man filed a claim to the insurance company. However, after a while it turned out that he was very drunk when he returned home from the party. Also, after returning home, he decided to travel somewhere and there was a collision with a tree. Witnesses identified the driver - the guy was behind the wheel. When everything turned out, he withdrew his lawsuit.

5. Vehicle technology tells all

The man wanted to protect his wife and he said that he was driving the car when it hit a ditch. However, witnesses reported that a very drunk woman was driving the car. After finding out all the details, the man decided not to deal with the insurance company.

If you also have information about fraud, be sure to report it to the Manitoba Public Insurance.

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