What to get rid of Christmas tree environmentally-friendly? Here are several ideas

What to get rid of Christmas tree environmentally-friendly? Here are several ideas

Christmas holidays are coming to an end, and many residents of the city are already thinking about getting rid of Christmas trees.

What is your tree? Fake or real? If fake, then everything is much easier for you! When the time comes you can put it into a box and remove until the next year.

However, judging by the words of residents of the countryside, over the last 5-6 years, the demand for real Christmas trees has increased significantly. So, if you are one of the people who prefer real trees, you should think about how will you get rid of them after the holidays and choose the most environmentally-friendly way.

Here are several most common ideas:

1. Turn the tree into wood chips, mulch

Many cities in Manitoba offer this option: you bring your tree to special organizations, which then turn them into wood chips and use in the green areas of the city.

For example, in Winnipeg there is a company which turns Christmas trees into mulch which in the future will protect urban bushes from moisture loss.

“Mulch is a great way to prevent weeds in gardens and add nutrients,” Shirley Brennan, the executive director of Christmas Tree Farmers

2. Turn the tree into a home for backyard critters

When the festive season is over, you can plant a tree in your backyard. In winter, it will be a great option for birds and squirrels who can warm themselves there.  You can also make a feeder on the tree and leave food for birds and animals there.

“If you’re a person who has a backyard, put it outside and you will notice that the needles will fade in colour but they will stay there for a while … the birds will sit on them and it will provide shelter in the winter,” Brennan said.

.3 Donate the tree to a wildlife sanctuary

Christmas trees can also be a great help in restoring river ecosystems.

“It helps with erosion and also provides ecological habitats, fish will find shelter and the tree will also brew down naturally.”

4. (Try not to) bring the tree to the landfill

Although this option does not harm the environment, as you have already noticed, there are much better ideas.

5. (Try not to) burn it

This is the worst option that can be. The tree is still alive after the holidays, and it will burn and glow for much longer. No one will benefit, neither you nor the environment.

MORE NEWS:Let’s Chip In has already started its work to recycle Christmas trees

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