Winnipeg resident invented a crazy winter fun carpet

Winnipeg resident invented a crazy winter fun carpet

Winnipeg resident Mark Dobres decided to show everyone that if you show creativity, you can come up with fun winter activities at no extra cost.

To do this, he came up with his crazy carpet. This is a piece of dense polyethylene 10 ft. wide, using which you can really quickly go down the hill. Also, his goal Mark set to pull down as many people as possible at the same time.

He found the material for the carpet in the warehouse where he works and asked to take it home, telling his colleagues that he wanted to make the fastest and craziest carpet for the descent from the hill. Winnipegger noted that he was looked at like he was a lunatic, but he was allowed to pick up the material.

In the beginning, he wanted to make a lot of small rugs out of a piece of polyethylene, but then he decided that it would be more fun to gather a lot of people on one big carpet. Mark decided to test his invention in practice at Garbage Hill on Sunday. In order to gather as many people as possible, he wrote a post on Facebook, where he urged everyone to come and have fun with him. He also posted ads on other sites.

17-year-old Brianna Sullivan shared her sliding impressions. On Sunday, she also visited a favourite sliding spot in Winnipeg's West End with friends and tried a sliding carpet.

"It was really fast. There was lots of snow in the face and huge bumps. Every single time it felt like I was losing my stomach," Sullivan said. "I was grasping on to strangers just to stay on," she added.

With this action, Dobres wanted to show all the residents of the city that with the help of creativity, it is possible to come up with excellent winter entertainment for a large number of people. He noted that he often heard Winnipeggers complain that they had nothing to do in the winter. By his own example, Mark decided to show that with a great desire it is completely wrong.

First, Mark himself successfully descended from the slide on the carpet several times, and then he handed it to everyone who wanted. He said that his goal was to delight as many people as possible. After he saw how successful his idea was, Mark decided to continue and to gather more people the next time. "Who knows? Maybe some day we can get somebody out here to break a world record," he added.

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