Manitoba cat acted in 'A Dog's Way Home'

Manitoba cat acted in 'A Dog's Way Home'

A cat from Manitoba made her big screen debut in 'A Dog's Way Home'.

The movie hits theatres on Wednesday and all residents of Manitoba eagerly awaited to see their national hero there - Smarty Pants. This is a story about a dog that wants to meet her owner and makes a 400-mile journey. Smarty Pants has one of the leading roles there.

Courtney Voth, an animal trainer, rescued this cat when she was only 6 weeks old and from the first day it was clear that she is an unusual cat.

"She's is a really bold, brave young cat," said Voth. Things that would bang and normally scare a cat and they'd run away, she'd always go up to an investigate and find out what that noise was. So I knew right away that she really wasn't really afraid of things."

This is not the first role for Smarty Pants. When she was only 12 weeks old, she starred in the series, which was filmed in Selkirk.

Her acting in the series showed more of her personality. Most cats react to food and are ready to perform various tricks and to show their talent in order to finally get the cherished delicacy. However, smarty is a completely different cat. She did not react to food, and at first it was difficult to make her perform tricks.

"But she actually likes to play. So sometimes when she's not really into the food I'll bring out a toy, and that's what she'll work for — she'll work for a toy," Voth said.

The woman says that popularity is changing people, but what about cats? Should she expect her favourite pet to start having a star disease after the movie premiere?

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Smarty Pants 'A Dog's Way Home' big screen debut
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