Winnipeg doctors talked about health problems caused by the use of smartphones

 Winnipeg doctors talked about health problems caused by the use of smartphones

In the modern world, people spend too much time with their smartphones, without thinking about what harm it can do to their health.

Dr. Gordon Partridge, chiropractor from Winnipeg, states that when you hold your head in one position above the screen of your gadget, it causes tremendous pressure on your neck, and the consequences can be very serious. “If you think about posture — being hunched over — the tension that builds up, the lack of mobility … people will relate things like digestion issues and breathing issues pain down their arm numbness tingly fingers headaches,” Partridge said.

Doctors conducted a survey among students of the University of Winnipeg about whether they feel the negative effects of constant use of smartphones for their health. The results of the survey were very relentless. Many students complain about problems with their shoulders and neck because they spend too much time hunched over their devices. Over time, their condition only worsens, because they are constantly using smartphones for study. “My eyes were really bother me, like I was blinking constantly and I was having neck pain,” said one of the students surveyed.

Optometrists, in their turn, warn that eye problems are also a very serious reason to limit the use of the smartphone in everyday life. “Blue light isn’t a bad thing, during the day we actually want blue light to keep us alert and awake, but it does become an issue later in the evening when we’re trying to wind down,” optometrist Dr. Chris van Dijk said. “The blue light from our devices is actually telling our brain to stay awake.”

Optometrists conducted studies that confirmed that holding the screen of a smartphone too close to the eyes is a frequent cause of impaired vision. Doctors recommend putting the smartphone aside for at least an hour before bedtime.

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