Hockey analyst Murat Ates encourages Winnipeg men to join Valentines For Broken Hearts campaign

Hockey analyst Murat Ates encourages Winnipeg men to join Valentines For Broken Hearts campaign

The famous hockey expert Murat Ates, who writing about Winnipeg Jets for The Athletic website, calls on all men to support his initiative and join the annual Valentine's creation campaign.

Ates offers everyone who wants to help visit the Good Will Social Club this Saturday and support a charity event against domestic violence. “Since 2015, a really good friend of mine from Winnipeg named Meg Crane has coordinated this event that sends handmade valentines to women’s shelters, to adults and children in those shelters all across Canada and North America,” he said. “It’s a massive project. It rakes thousands of cards, and it’s really the simplest act of kindness I’ve ever come across.”

Murat notes that he is only a small cog in this big project, but due to his influence on the male audience, he intends to attract as many men as possible to this initiative. “In a more serious way, men are disproportionately the perpetrators of domestic violence, so I think it’s a meaningful step for folks in Winnipeg to get involved in. When was the last time most grown men sat down with construction paper and made these types of things?”, Ates told.

Murat said that men take part in the project for completely different reasons. Some of them have experienced domestic violence themselves, and some simply have a social responsibility and want to help. Ates believes that there can be no suitable reason to become a volunteer. “Everybody has a different connection to domestic violence. It’s a lot of genuinely good folks there who want to do a good thing,” he said.

The event will take place from 2-5 pm on Saturday at the Good Will. Everyone who can not come on this day Ates calls to help in other ways. On the Facebook page of the project, you can find other variants how to get involved and help in the fight against domestic violence.

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