Manitoba resident built a snow maze claiming a world record

Manitoba resident built a snow maze claiming a world record

Clint Masse, A Maze in Corn owner, decided not to stop there and built a winter version of his famous maze.

On Saturday, on the site of a maze in corn, he officially opened a giant snow maze. It is located 25 kilometres from Winnipeg near St. Adolphe. For construction, the man used 300 full trucks of snow. "It's been a huge excitement to build it," said Clint.

For the last 3 weeks, he, his family and a team of 9 people have been engaged in construction almost without interruption. The result of their work is truly delightful. The maze's snow walls are 1,300 meters long, and this could turn out to be a world record. Now, Guinness World Record holder is a maze built in Thunder Bay in 2015. Masse hopes that his maze of about 2300 square meters with 2 meters high walls will become the biggest in the world.

According to Masse, it takes about 45 minutes to complete the maze, but it can be different for each person. Cory Brooks became the first to cope with the test on the opening day and it took him only 20 minutes. "It was great, had fun running around chasing the kids — hiding around corners and scaring them. I'm still trying to find my son. He's still running around," smiled Brooks after completing.

The creators placed fire pits in the maze so that the participants of the attraction could warm up during its passage. There are also several ice sculptures in it, which give landmarks to those who are looking for a way out. Also, there are several emergency exits for those who are lost and can not continue on their way.

The snow maze has already managed to attract the attention of even foreign tourists. Tony and Barbara Poulton visited an attraction during a trip to Canada from Spain. "I'm sure we'll get lost in there," laughed Barbara. "But I'm sure someone will find us if we're lost."

The official measurement of the maze by representatives of the Guinness Book of Records will be held next month. Then it can be recognized as the biggest in the world.

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