Attacker deliberately crashed into the Porsche dealership

Attacker deliberately crashed into the Porsche dealership

We all had bad days, some are just hard, but sometimes you just wish you didn’t leave a bad today. Hitting a wall or throwing a game console controller into a TV is pretty bad, but this Toyota driver went crazy and crashed into a Porsche dealership - on purpose.

The incident occurred late on Monday night in Toronto, according to a Toronto media report, it is known that this man was 20 years old, and he did everything intentionally.

Apparently, two employees were in the showroom when the accident occurred, they told reporters that the man got out of the car after breaking the glass, in a pair of parked Porsche, ran to the yellow Cayman 718 and wrote the name of Eva on the side with a black marker.

Right across the street from the Porsche car dealership, there was a police station.

According to police estimates, the damage caused to the building of the car dealership is about $25,000 and damage to cars is more than $75,000.

At least one Porsche Panamera with direct damage, and it looks like the other Panamera had also suffered some damages

Fortunately, none of the people was hurt, and we hope that the driver will receive some psychiatric help. Yes, we are all can be angry, but this whole situation could have ended much worse.

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