A plane makes emergency landing in Winnipeg

A plane makes emergency landing in Winnipeg

Nowadays everyone takes flights. Even the people, who afraid of planes, still fly because it is the safest and fastest way to travel, sometimes, though, the incidents happen. Planes have mechanical issues or the passengers have some health or mental problems, which can force a crew to make a decision of an emergency landing in the nearest airport. The flight, which flew from Los Angeles to London on Thursday, January 10th was forced to stay overnight in Winnipeg.

According to a Winnipeg airport administration spokesman Tyler McAfee, the plane landed at around 11:45 pm, there was a problem with the passenger in the plane,” he said.

The aircraft, the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, is slightly larger than most aircraft that use the services of Richardson International Airport, but still not as big as British Airways 747.

A sick passenger got off the plane as soon as he landed, and the flight flew to London around 1:30 am on Friday, January 11th.

This is the second time in less than a month that a flight has been redirected to Winnipeg.

The Air Canada flight returned to Toronto on Wednesday morning, January 2nd after, according to the airline, there were "reports of an unusual smell of melting plastic" on the plane.

Air Canada reported that the smell was in the “rear of the aircraft”. The plane, assigned to Winnipeg Airport, landed at Pearson Airport shortly after takeoff.

“The aircraft was landed by the fire and emergency services as a precautionary measure. It landed without incident”, said an airport spokesman.

There were 126 passengers on board, and they all had to take off on another plane on Wednesday afternoon. Thankfully, no injuries were reported, all passengers safely reached their destination. Everyone got back home safely and that is the most important thing!

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Winnipeg emergency landing London flight
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