Winnipeg residents bring food to the goose living at car wash

Winnipeg residents bring food to the goose living at car wash

Will, this is the goose’s nickname, did not fly south but stayed at Winnipeg car wash for the winter.

Since December, residents from the community next to Shell car wash on Pembina Highway come and bring food and water to the goose. Tiffany Lui, animal care co-ordinator at Wildlife Haven Rehabilitation Centre, said that a lot of reports were sent to her from the local people. She also said that they are trying to catch the goose, to see if it is healthy, but unsuccessfully.

"We've tried cornering [it], we've tried a couple people going up to it, sneaking up on it, we've tried going through the car wash, and popping out of the car. Nothing's really worked yet … We have a couple other ideas," the woman explained.

At the moment, it is still unclear for what reason Will did not fly south, but sometimes she sees some uncertainty when it comes to flight. In the near future, a special net will be used and the goose is likely to be caught.

"It's been probably one of the most challenging wild goose chases that I've dealt with, since I've started working with Wildlife Haven," Tiffany added.  "It's not natural for a goose to be staying through the winter, through the Winnipeg winter."

A teacher from the nearby Dalhousie School, Natalie Radchuk, reported that she noticed the goose in October and began to bring food to Will. It was she who gave such a nickname to the goose.

"I think he's getting some warmth and some moisture that's coming from those [car wash] doors being open. I could tell he's a pretty smart guy. He's definitely resilient," Radcuk said. "I've never seen an animal with such a strong will to live in these types of circumstances. I mean, we've had some really harsh weather."

Since then, the teacher, together with her students, has provided maximum assistance to the bird and she hopes that everything will be fine with him. "I'd just like to see him have a chance at life, after everything he's been through."- she added. 

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