Winnipeg singer attracts attention to suicidal youth making new tattoos

Winnipeg singer attracts attention to suicidal youth making new tattoos

Winnipeg singer makes a new tattoo to draw attention to suicidal youth.

Rob Nash already has several tattoos and they are all very interesting and unique and show his attitude towards music. However, this time, the singer gave sociality to his tattoos. Rob's right hand is already covered with the signatures of people who wanted to commit suicide. Now, the singer fills his left hand with ink.

“I’m covering the other arm with more tattoos, more signatures, because the issue isn’t going away,” Nash said. “A few years ago, I was in a bad car accident and I made it through when everyone thought I wouldn’t. Even though I made it through physically, I went through a dark time where I didn’t want to be alive, had a lot of dark thoughts.”

Rob also said that he visited a lot of schools, prisons for youth and youth centers to tell his story and to help people deal with suicidal thoughts.

“Success is only going to fill you so much,” he said, “and I think you’re supposed to move on from success to significance.”

Now Nash is giving concerts on the biggest venues in Winnipeg and his goal is to spread his message among even more people.

“I’ve had to be at way too many funerals, both singing and speaking, and I’ve never met a parent that loses their kid to suicide, to addiction, that says ‘it’s a good thing our daughter’s gone, because she had nothing to offer this world’. It’s always the opposite – she was so gifted, how did she not see it? We’re not losing useless kids here. I think we’re losing some of the most talented, gifted kids.”

On Wednesday evening, Rob Nash will be singing in Winnipeg’s Burton Cummings Theatre.

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