A student from Manitoba won a Toronto cake contest

A student from Manitoba won a Toronto cake contest

Lexi Orbanski, a pastry arts student from Arborg, Manitoba, presented her culinary masterpiece at a Toronto cake competition and managed to win the main prize.

Victory in a prestigious competition was brought to her by a gingerbread house with a height of 1 foot, made entirely of edible components. The competition is held annually by one of the hotels in Toronto during the holidays.

Nowadays, a student from Manitoba gets a culinary education at George Brown College in Toronto. Her gingerbread house has become a real work of art. This is an exquisite Victorian mansion with beautiful decoration, glazed tiles, and a courtyard with Christmas trees. "I wanted something cozy that felt really warm and Christmasy," said Orbanski. She drew inspiration for her work in the real houses of this style, which photos she was looking for on the Internet.

The prize for Lexi was a free room at the hotel where the competition was held. The girl is very proud of her victory, because, according to her, she is in love with cooking since she was 14 years old. After that, she found work in the kitchen in her native Arborg, a small town north of Winnipeg.

Lexi started baking cakes and sharing their photos on the Internet. People liked them and the girl began to receive orders from the locals. The success of her cakes inspired Lexi to attend college to become a professional pastry chef. The girl explains the success of her baking by the fact that she invents recipes for cakes icing, and bakes cakes according to old family recipes, which were passed from mother to daughter for generations. She also does not forget to improve the recipes and to add her own unique ingredients. "Other than that, they're lots of old recipes from cookbooks," she said.

Lexi has one more year of college after which she plans to launch her full-fledged business.

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