Winnipeg’s Bear Clan Patrol got great donation

Winnipeg’s Bear Clan Patrol got great donation

Bear Clan from Winnipeg received about $200,000 donation on Wednesday. The donation was made by Bell Let’s Talk and the City of Winnipeg.

Now Bear Clan can expand its areas of activity, improve the food program and add new resources to the organization. Bear Clan also reported that they plan to increase the number of people involved in the program to almost 1,500 people.

“When we first started out, we had a very narrow focus,” Winnipeg’s Bear Clan executive director James Favel. “Today marks a new chapter in our evolution. “We are now starting to see the sustainable funding we were hoping for. Our work is only possible because of the type of support you’re providing.”

Bell Let's Talk donated about 70% of the money received. The organization cooperates with more than 900 different companies and organizations and has been successfully operating since 2010.

The main areas of activity of Bell Let's Talk are helping people with any psychological problems, providing the necessary medications and fighting stigma. In 2017, a special fund was created to protect and to assist Indigenous people with various psychological disorders.

“I’d like to thank James and all the staff and members of the Bear Clan for the work you do each and every day, and night, to make a difference in the lives of our friends and family members in our community,” the chair of Bell Let’s Talk, Mary Deacon, said.

Recall that the Bear Clan was created after the death of Tina Fontaine.

“They do great work,” Mayor Brian Bowman said. “It’s community-driven. It’s grassroots.”

On January 30, Bell Let’s Talk Day will be held and it will be devoted to all issues related to the psychological health and psychological problems of all residents of the city. Last year more than $6 million were raised during the day.

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Bear Clan Bell Let’s Talk donation
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