Do you like riding a bike? Here is how to stay safe during cold Manitoba winter

Do you like riding a bike? Here is how to stay safe during cold Manitoba winter

Winter is not the best season for riding a bike in Manitoba. However, in the province there are many people who prefer this type of transport at any time of the year. How to protect yourself and to survive riding a bicycle in a harsh winter in Manitoba?

Experts share useful information.

1. Consider your commute

Think over your route beforehand. If you live in Winnipeg, or in other large cities of Manitoba, you will be much more comfortable to get to the destination point, as the city authorities are trying to clean the roads from snow, including bicycle lanes.

However, if you live in the suburbs, you should examine the situation on the roads before you leave the house. Otherwise, you risk seriously getting stuck somewhere in the middle of the road.

2. Stay focused

Many drivers park their cars on bike lanes if the road is poorly cleared of snow. You should remember this and be very careful during your trip, so as not to be at an impasse. Stay focused as never before!

3. Slow down

Do not hurry! Your winter speed should be much less than your summer speed. On slippery roads, the braking distance increases, and this can lead to very unpleasant consequences. Especially it is necessary to be careful on turns and in unknown areas. If the road is dry, you can go faster. However, if the road is covered with snow or ice, you should not risk your safety.

4. Lower tire pressure

Lower pressure in your tires, this way you can control your bike better on slippery roads. It also makes sense to buy studded tires for the winter season.

5. Mind the conditions

Be extremely attentive because the weather can be so unpredictable in winter! Watch weather forecasts, even if you leave the house on a sunny dry day, a few hours later the situation may change.

6. Keep your bike tuned up

Do not forget about oil! In the winter you need to use oil much more often than in other seasons of the year because a bicycle can easily freeze in the cold and stop moving.

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