A house in Alberta sells for $25 and a letter

A house in Alberta sells for $25 and a letter

Everyone wants to live in a big house, with many rooms and the property big enough to drive around in a golf cart, with a pool and four-car garage, but not everyone can afford it, especially counting the fact that after purchasing a house like this for a hefty price, you will have to pay annual taxes on the property that could reach like $40-50 thousand dollars annually.

Sales were down 5 percent from 2017, and down 6 percent from the record-setting year 2016. Dollar volume of $3.77 billion in sales also went down year over year, and listings went up 2 percent to 23,834 listings from 2017, said WinnipegRealtors Thursday, January 10th.

A Canadian resident sells her house for $ 25 and a cover letter. But everything is not as simple as it may seem at first glance.

Leaving the cottage Alla Wagner forced the injury, because of which the woman was hard to move around the house. She did not want to remodel her housing, since she perceives it not only as real estate, but also as a work of art, but she hasn’t found any buyers for half a year.

The woman wanted to sell the house for 1.7 million Canadian dollars, then reduced the cost, but this led to nothing.

Then she went on the way, peeped in one of the films, and offered to those who wish to win the house. Participation in the competition costs 25 Canadian dollars. Together with the money, those who wish should send a letter with a story about why they should receive the cottage. The maximum number of words in a letter is 350. The format is any.

The woman says she will give preference to the one who "touches the strings of her heart."

The winner will be selected from 50 finalists, while Alla Wagner counts 60 thousand participants. In this case, the Canadian does not remove the house from the sale, but if she finds a buyer before the end of the competition, the woman promises to return the money to all participants.

Winnipeg is a big city and it grows every year in the population and accordingly in the number of new houses built and old ones sold. In total, nearly 700 homes are on sale in the city, valued at $ 1 million and above.

Only in 1996 in Winnipeg appeared the first house at the cost of more than 1 million dollars. According to the Winnipeg Association of Realtors, for two decades, amid a steady boom in the real estate market, more than 40 homes in this price range are sold every year in Winnipeg.

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