How to return to work after a parenting gap? Manitoba job experts know

How to return to work after a parenting gap? Manitoba job experts know

Are you planning to return to work after a parenting gap? For many people, this decision can be very scary.

You should take a look at some essential tips that job experts from Manitoba are sharing. Here are 5 main mistakes people usually make:

1.Don’t underestimate volunteer jobs

You should remember all the experience you had while you were at home, including the work of volunteers.

“If you talk about running a major fundraising campaign to build a playground in your community, that’s a big deal. You’re networking, you’re raising money, you’re looking after finances,” job experts say.

Psychologists also recommend asking people close to you what 5 skills they consider the strongest that you have.

2. Don’t sell yourself short

According to recent studies, women who go to work after a parenting gap receive 18% less money than they did before.

“Really negotiate for what you’re worth and what your value is. Push for the dollars that you deserve,” job experts say. “Women sometimes feel like they’re not in a position of strength and they need to accept anything that comes after a break. But that’s not the case. They have value. They have skills.”

3. Asking for a job instead of information

You should look for information, feel free to ask questions in order to know the maximum about the job you are planning to get.

“Asking too quickly and not knowing what you’re asking for or what you have to offer that’s valuable to the employer,” job experts say.

Try to understand what skills are necessary for the job, how quickly you can get up to date and what kind of training can help you.

4. Don’t assume someone else is more qualified

It is quite normal to assume that there is someone more qualified than you. However, do not dwell on it. You should remember your skills and strengths, and the employer will prefer taking you.

“People like to hire people that they know and trust and will be a good fit for the time,” job experts said. “Sometimes when people are trainable and coachable, that’s better than having someone with a great deal of experience, but not a great attitude.”

5. Giving up

Even if you get 100 failures, do not give up and put an end to your career. You will get a worthwhile offer for sure.

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