The Forks welcomes Icy outdoor bar

The Forks welcomes Icy outdoor bar

Now, all Winnipeggers can come to Icy outdoor bar and relax with their friends on the frozen Assiniboine River.

Festi-Bar on Ice opened its doors officially on Wednesday, January 23. Beer lovers can order a drink in a glass made of ice. Those who wish to get warm and lovers of hot chocolate will also find options for themselves.

Festi-Bar is hosted by Festival du Voyageur. This year the festival celebrated its 50th anniversary. Communications and marketing manager for Festival du Voyageur, Nicolas Audette, said opening a bar like this could make people go outside on a frosty winter day.

"We wanted to get people outside and get people enjoying winter and just take this opportunity to celebrate instead of hibernate," said Audette. "Winnipeggers, we know tough winters but we don't hibernate, we celebrate."

However, to everyone's surprise, immediately after the opening, more than 30 residents of Winnipeg came to the bar.

Nicolas Audette also added that the work on the bar was not the easiest because the main facilities of the bar are also created from ice.

The bar will be open until the weather conditions allow.

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Festi-Bar on Ice Assiniboine River Festival du Voyageur
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